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Diagnostic lab testing is available on campus at Campus Health Center.  The CHC has a CLIA approved licensed laboratory with the ability to perform and house and reference lab testing.  To get lab tests, you need an order from a healthcare provider.

Off-campus healthcare providers can give you a written order to have the lab testing completed at the CHC facility.  We will send results to the provider who ordered them via fax.  Orders should include the date, diagnosis codes for lab testing, the doctor’s signature, and your medical history pertinent to your illness or injury.

You do not need to schedule an appointment.  Your healthcare provider should explain how to prepare for the testing.  If you have further questions you can call the CHC Laboratory at 575-646-6426 for more information.

The student health fee does not cover ancillary charges for services such as x-ray, pharmacy, and laboratory.  These charges will be assessed when you check out from the facility.  If you have questions about your diagnostic test or charges for them, please consult with a CHC provider or nursing staff member.

Laboratory Staff