Perozynski Employee Emergency Fund

The Perozynski Employee Emergency Fund (PEEF) provides assistance for NMSU faculty/staff facing immediate, severe and temporary financial hardship due to an emergency. The program is administered through the NMSU EAP and a Faculty/Staff review committee. The PEEF is funded through private donations and held by the New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. in the Perozynski Employee Emergency Assistance Endowed Fund.

PEEF History

Initially, the Peronzynski Employee Emergency Fund was funded by Dr. Margaret Lovelace to honor her friend and colleague Dr. Lisa Baron Perozynski, a faculty member of the NMSU Carlsbad Campus. The endowed fund was initially established to assist faculty, specifically nine (9) month faculty. Dr. Lovelace supported the establishment of the fund through her Regents Chair stipend and university payroll deductions. The fund was initially designed to assist faculty, but it has been established that once the principal (of the fund) reaches $70,000, the fund will also be available to assist staff members as well.

Who is eligible to receive assistance from PEEF?

The program is limited to a one time gift. New Mexico State University recognizes that faculty/staff may experience hardships that require emergency financial assistance. This program is available to assist eligible faculty/staff who are experiencing a personal financial emergency and who have exhausted other avenues for obtaining assistance. The program provides faculty/staff who demonstrate the most need with a gift, not a loan.

Note: Currently, only NMSU Faculty are eligible to receive funds.

Recipient must:

  1. Be an employee of New Mexico State University. This includes the Las Cruces campus and all NMSU Community Colleges
  2. Have a temporary financial hardship because of an emergency situation
  3. Must be employed at a minimum 50% full time equivalent
  4. Have at least nine (9) months of regular employment at the time of the application
  5. Have considered other possible resources which turned out to be not available or not sufficient to meet the need

Definition of an Emergency

An emergency shall be defined as an event which is unforeseen and beyond the employee’s control and has imposed a temporary, sudden, non-recurring economic hardship on the employee. “Temporary” means that the employee was able to manage finances before but is now in significant debt or hardship, and the Perozynski Fund could assist her/him in regaining financial stability. If the employee has long standing financial problems s/he would not meet the temporary hardship requirements and would not be eligible for a gift. The employee is, as a result, unable to meet immediate, essential expenses and has exhausted other available avenues of assistance. This program is not intended to supplement salary but is to pay certain specific expenses incurred as a result of the defined emergency.

Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Natural disaster
  • Domestic violence
  • Death of an immediate family member (NMSU Policy 7.20.30)
  • Fire
  • Serious illness
  • Critical injury

How to Apply for Emergency Funds

  1. Complete and sign the NMSU PEEF application
  2. Attach copies of any documentation that might help the review committee better understand the unexpected hardship. (Examples: overdue utility bill showing cut-off date, emergency house repair, unexpected medical bills.)
  3. Submit the original application, including any attachments, either by mail or email to:
    Employee Emergency Fund
    NMSU EAP Director
    PO Box 30001 MSC 3 EHS
    New Mexico State University
    Las Cruces, NM 88003
    Email:    Subject:PEEF
  4. Director of NMSU EAP will schedule an appointment with the applicant.


Information provided by the applicant will be treated as confidential and shared only with the PEEF Review Committee and those directly involved in processing the distribution of funds. The PEEF application will be reviewed anonymously and the Review Committee members will not be given the individual name associated with any applicant.

Availability of Funds

A limited amount of funds from the earnings account will be distributed on an annual basis. As the endowment fund grows, more resources will be made available for distribution.

Contributions to the PEEF (Employees helping Employees)

The initial funding of the Perozynski Emergency Employee Endowed Fund was designed to assist faculty experiencing a financial hardship through Dr. Margaret Lovelace’s gracious gift. Currently, the fund is limited and can only assist a small number of faculty. Your gift contributions can help grow this fund past the $70,000 mark to insure assistance opportunities are available to all eligible faculty and staff experiencing an emergency hardship. The PEEF is supported strictly through private gifts. No state or federal funds are used.

Faculty, staff, alumnae, or any private party can make a gift donation to the Perozynski Employee Emergency Endowed Fund through the NMSU Foundation. Contact Robert Peterson, gift planning director, at (575) 646-4358

PEEF Application (PDF)

For application please click here

Contact Person

Dario Silva, Ph.D.
(575) 646-6603